The Overseas Chinese World Conference for
Promoting the Peaceful Reunification of China
Held at Tokyo, July 16-17, 2001


We are overseas Chinese who live in all parts of the world outside mainland China. But we always have the future and well-being of China close at heart. As the root of our blood and fresh is located in China, her safety or danger, or her rise or decline is closely bound up with our fate. Thus, at every critical moment of the Chinese nation, from the Revolution of 1911 (Xinhai Geming), the Resistance War against Japan's Aggression, through to the current struggle of the Chinese people for completing the great undertaking of China's reunification, overseas Chinese have been and are of one heart and one mind in throwing their support and making contribution to these causes.

 After having gone through more than one century of vicissitudes, the Chinese nation has finally stood up in the world. Unfortunately, however, due to historical reasons, Taiwan still remains separate from the great family of the motherland. But this situation does not change the following facts: the inhabitants on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are blood relations; they all are indispensable members of the great Chinese nation; they are all Chinese; China is their common home; there is only one China in the world; both mainland China and Taiwan are integral parts of the same China; and China's sovereignty and territory are inalienable. To realize the complete reunification of the motherland and to promote the comprehensive regeneration of the Chinese nation are thus the lofty objective and sacred mission of all Chinese in the world.

 For many years, the contacts between the compatriots across the Taiwan Strait have been increasing rapidly, while exchanges and cooperation in the economic, trade, cultural and other fields have been flourishing. In 2000, the total of visitors from Taiwan to the mainland reached a record height of 2,850,000 person-times, the accumulated total being 20,000.000. At the same time, the volume of indirect trade last year broke the record for the first time and reached the value of 30 billion US dollars, while the accumulated total over the years was 200 billion. There also reemerged an upsurge in the movement of investment capital from Taiwan to the mainland. The economic exchanges across the Strait have created an economic situation which promotes mutual benefits and development. The increasing contacts between inhabitants across the Strait have enhanced their mutual understanding and affection, thus strengthening their confidence on peaceful reunification.

 Contrary to this trend of increasing contacts and economic exchanges across the Strait, some politicians on the island continue to take no heed of the righteousness and well-being of the Chinese nation. They abandon the principle of "one China" and reject peaceful reunification by stubbornly clinging to the separatist stand of "Taiwan's independence" (Taidu). Following the election victory of the Democratic Progressive Party, the "Taidu" separatists have acquired a false sense of security and become more rampant. Forgetting their own origins, they not only refuse to admit they are Chinese, but also set out to change the cultural and national identity of the population on the island. They take initiative to cater to the needs of international "anti-China" forces. They intensify their efforts to challenge the "one China" principle. They use every possible way to refuse to come to the negotiation table. They try by hook or by crook to obstruct the implementation of the popular demand for "three direct links" with the mainland. In doing all these, the "Taidu" separatists have not only severely strained the relations across the Strait, but also jeopardized the peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region. By going against the historical trend, they have subjected the inhabitants in Taiwan to serious political turbulence and economic recession, while severely hurting the national feelings and vital interests of overseas Chinese.

 It must be realized that without the behind-the-scene support of foreign forces, the "Taidu" separatists would not have been so rampant. On the one hand, some great powers in the West sell large volumes of advanced armaments to Taiwan, mastermind a scheme for "Taiwan's independence" and provide covert bolstering and backing up. On the other hand, they endlessly talk about the desirability of using peaceful means to reunify Taiwan with the mainland but in reality they incessantly scheme to obstruct any move toward cross-strait reunification. It should be pointed out that to oppose "Taidu" and promote reunification is not an expedient measure of the Chinese government. It is, in fact, China's new millennium grand strategy for ensuring peace for the country and well-being for the Chinese people. It can thus be seen that to accomplish the great undertaking of reunification and the maintenance of world peace will stand or fall by this strategy.

 We, overseas Chinese, consider promoting the revival of the Chinese nation and China's reunification as our responsibility. We are committed to exerting our utmost in opposing "Taidu" separatist forces of all kinds and promoting the early complete reunification of China

 At the beginning of the new millennium and at a time when mainland China and Taiwan are about to join the World Trade Organization, new opportunities for cross-strait cooperation, and realizing the "three direct links" and common development, have been created.

 On July 13, 2001, the International Olympic Committee awarded Beijing by high majority votes the right to hold the 2008 Olympic Games. This was a great event to which the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait had long been looking forward. China's hosting the 2008 Olympic Games will bring them new hope. All Chinese on both side of the Taiwan Strait must join hands, relinquish all previous ill will, seek common ground while reserving differences, and join forces to talk things over so as to bring about peaceful reunification at an early date.

 We hereby call on the Taiwan authorities to respect the mainstream opinion of the people on both sides of the Strait, admit that they themselves are Chinese, and accept the "one China" principle soon, so as to create the conditions for cross-strait negotiation to take place and the realization of peaceful reunification.

 We call on all overseas Chinese in the world to (1) continue to bring their glorious tradition of patriotism into full play, (2) take concrete actions to actively promote the peaceful reunification of China, (3) make joint efforts to oppose "Taidu" separatist activities in any disguise, and unmask international anti-China forces who obstruct cross-strait reunification and plot to contain China and hold back her development, and (4) struggle resolutely against all activities aimed at breaking up China's territory and sovereignty.

 We also wish to call on the international community to respect the national sentiment and wishes of the 1.3 billion Chinese, continue to uphold the "one China" policy and support the peaceful reunification of China.

 On the occasion of the New Millennium Tokyo Conference of Overseas Chinese, we wish to solemnly express to the whole world our common heartfelt aspirations as follows:

Uphold the "one China" principle;
Resolutely oppose "Taidu" separatism;
Bring to success the great undertaking of China's reunification and the great revival of the Chinese nation!

 This Declaration will be written in Chinese, English and Japanese but the Chinese version is authentic. Copies of this Declaration will be distributed to the governments and media around the world so as to inform them of the stand and heart-felt wishes of overseas Chinese from the entire world.

(Adopted unanimously by all participants in Tokyo on July 17, 2001)